Best AR15 Soft Cases for your Rifle – Reviews and Buyers Guide!

AR15 rifles are fantastic! You know it; I know that; most people who used one know that.

But do you know when they are not so?

Well, that is when you must carry multiple AR15 rifles for a long time.

Depending on the number and weight of the accessories you own, these rifles can weigh a ton. And moving these around is a logistical nightmare.

Fortunately, you can count on AR15 soft cases. As opposed to hard shell cases, AR15 soft cases are the best way to move around with your rifles.

Got a lot of accessories?

Want to carry more than one rifle?

Don’t want to spend a lot of money?

Don’t want to spend a lot of money?

Well, you cannot have a better choice than soft cases. However, choosing the best AR15 soft case for your rifles is something else. It involves a lot of research, comparisons, and review analysis.

After all, you need something well-built and reliable, correct?

I have done something to help you out. For the past week, I have surrounded myself with AR15 soft cases, product reviews, data analysis, and expert talks. The result? I could pick out the seven best AR15 soft cases for all needs.

How I Picked the Best AR15 Soft Cases?

I followed a two-phase process to find the best AR15 soft cases in the market. First, I had to create a list of the best soft cases for AR15 rifles based on customer reviews and standard criteria. Of course, this list was filled with products from different subcategories.

In the second phase, I sought the help of experienced gun owners and veterans. With a collective effort, we could finalize the best AR15 soft cases for seven unique scenarios. We have added products that work with different budgets as well.

In the end, I am confident you will love all the soft protective cases I have recommended. Shall we get into the list, then?

The Best AR15 Soft Cases 2023

We have the most popular AR15 cases at the start and the rest are arranged according to reviews/budget. Let’s take a look.

#1 Savior Equipment American Classic Rifle Transportation Case

Savior Equipment American Classic Rifle Transportation Case

Are you looking for the highest-rated soft rifle case on Amazon? Then, you should consider getting the Savior Equipment American Classic Rifle Transportation Case. While it may not look as fancy as other products in the market, you cannot be wrong about its design, durability, and usability.

What’s to Love?

Before we explore its unique features, I should appreciate the variety of options you get. You can purchase this soft AR15 case in 5 sizes and 5 finishes. The Obsidian Black variant is my favorite, by the way. All these variants come with double-rifle slots, so you have enough space for storage.

It is also one of the most organized soft cases out there. You can use the single case to store more than two pistols and required accessories. If you want to carry a couple of additional magazines or slings, you can use the zippered sleeves and well-designed compartments.

The zipper sliders are also lockable, and you do not have to worry about theft. I also loved that you could get rid of the divider in the middle. It works great when you want to carry custom-made rifles and hunting setups. You would also love the construction quality.

Most of the Savior Equipment American Classic Rifle Transportation Case is built using 600D Nylon. As a result, you can carry even the heaviest rifle setups without issues. However, I wish the inner compartments had something better than the current compound.

Last but not least, this soft AR15 case works with different carrying styles. Thanks to double stitching, sling straps, and sufficient padding, you can carry the case in any way you like. Last but not least, we also loved the lifetime warranty and return policy from Savior Equipment.

What Could be Better?

Even though the Savior Equipment American Classic Rifle Transportation Case comes with lockable zippers, its quality is not the best. Many reviews mentioned that they had to replace the zippers, especially after rugged use.

You may also need time to get used to the loading/unloading process. It is not as flexible as what we found in more premium AR15 soft cases. Even though the separator in the middle is removable, it creates a fuss when you lay the case flat.

The Verdict

However you look at it, the Savior Equipment American Classic Rifle Transportation Case is a great option for most people, indeed. It also looks like the classic ‘ranger’ back from many perspectives.

Even though there is room for improvement, the soft AR15 case makes the best use of 600D Nylon and well-built zippers.

Lastly, you do not have to break your bank to keep your AR15 rifle and accessories easy to carry and safe.

#2 Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Case

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Case

Do you remember the super-fancy rifle case I talked about? If you are interested in one of them, you can check out the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Case. Although it costs a little higher, I think it checks all the boxes you would expect.

What’s to Love?

Superior build quality is the first thing I noticed about this soft AR15 case. It comes with all the features that we saw in the first pick, but the finishing and comfort feel way better. You can purchase this product in seven different finishes and five sizes as well.

As you can guess from the sizes, the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Case is a double-rifle case, giving you enough space to carry two full-sized rifles and enough accessories. It also uses a few patented techniques to make the carrying experience better than ever.

Once again, Savior Equipment has used industrial-class 600D PVC Nylon for construction. More importantly, even the smaller compartments are also using the same materials. So, you can expect these compartments to keep your pistols and accessories safer and intact.

I also loved how spacious and organizable the entire carriage space is. You can use the zippered locks to keep your magazines, slings, remote controls, etc. For someone who packs every hunting gear in a single case, the design is up to the mark.

We should also appreciate the design in terms of the independent access it provides. For instance, you can access the pistol pockets without bothering with the main compartments. Similarly, thanks to the variety of sling straps and patented clips it comes with, carrying the case in a way you like would not be a problem.

What Could be Better?

If you have not noticed it yet, the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Case is an expensive rifle case by comparison. You have to shell out a few extra bucks for the additional comfort and storage space. But, if you ask me, it is a worthy iment.

It is also important to note that the soft AR15 case is a little bigger, and it does not have a single-rifle variant. So, if you want to pack light and carry a rifle and a few magazines, the case may look and feel bulky. But, on the bright side, you will always have extra space.

The Verdict

It is a question of whether you want to spend a few additional bucks for comfort and extra space. You are also investing in an AR15 soft case that will last long.

For what it’s worth, the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Case provides you with the necessary options for hassle-free management of your rifle.

It does not cause problems while loading and unloading, either.

#3 Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Carry Case

Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Carry Case

There are times when you have to trade large storage space and organization for compactness. If you can relate to this idea, you should check out the Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Carry Case. While it does not cost a fortune, you get sufficient protection for your firearms.

What’s to Love?

As the name says, the Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Carry Case comes with a discrete design. It allows you to accommodate a variety of AR15 rifles and sidearms without signaling anything to an outside person.

It also happens to be one of the smallest AR15 cases available in the market. So, if you have a rifle that is as fit as 27 inches, you can get away with the design. Thanks to the divider in the middle, you won’t have any trouble carrying two rifles in the case.

According to the manufacturer, the soft AR15 case uses a high-quality nylon fabric for the construction. Whether the same is used for the inside compartments is not specified. Nevertheless, you can count on the durability of the entire case and accessory portions.

I also am a fan of the rich padding that the case comes with. You do not have to worry about carrying the case on your shoulder for long. Having said that, it would have been nice if the company included a shoulder strap and sling accommodation systems.

But the best part about the Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Carry Case is the discreteness the product can create. You can use this case when traveling to places with gun-carrying restrictions. When you pack it correctly, this bag looks just a little bigger than a laptop bag.

What Could be Better?

There is room for improvement on this product, though. For instance, you should understand the size of the case before purchasing. This soft AR15 case does not allow you to carry more than one full-sized rifle when you want to attach some accessories.

The size also creates a few constraints when it comes to scopes. If you have a bigger scope attached to your AR15 rifle, things could get problematic in the long run. I also thought the zipper lockers could use a better quality-centric design.

The Verdict

I will recommend the Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Carry Case for those who can compromise on the storage space front for the sake of additional compactness.

Even though it comes with wrap-around carry handles, the lack of sling straps is a problem, indeed. At the end of the day, you will need additional hardware to carry this case.

On the bright side, the soft case comes in different finishes and sizes.

#4 American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case

American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case

Here is another awesome AR15 soft case for those who do not want to spend a lot. You can count on this AR and SBR pistol case from American Mountain Supply for a discrete and durable way to carry your rifles and pistols with ease.

What’s to Love?

As you have noticed, the AMERICAN MOUNTAIN SUPPLY SBR and AR Pistol Case is not as big as the other AR soft cases that we have mentioned. Here is the reason: this case is designed to carry AR and SBR pistols with a few attachments included.

As a result, the soft AR15 case looks very compact and does not weigh much. The product comes in 2 finishes, and you can choose between four size options as well. Most of these variants are priced under $70, which is a solace.

Even though you do not get internal components or compartments, the size of the soft case is large enough to comfortably hold an AR pistol. You can use the second compartment to house more than enough slings and magazines.

I also noticed that the construction is made using Nylon fabric, and there is a generous use of foam as well as padding. You can also count on the YKK zippers to manage these spaces with ease. The built-in sockets for magazines are also a great addition.

Despite being small, the AMERICAN MOUNTAIN SUPPLY SBR and AR Pistol Case comes with a lot of anchoring loops. These will help you carry the case without much hassle. Whenever you need it, you can connect a wide variety of accessories as well.

What Could be Better?

While the YKK zippers used on the soft AR15 case are great, they are not perfect. If you put too much force, it may break, but that scenario is very unlikely. I would like to remind you that it is not a fancy, super-built case, either.

I also noticed that the product lacks posture even when you have included everything in the compartments. On the bright side, the entire system is water-resistant, and you do not have to worry about corrosion or dust within the container.

The Verdict

I think the AMERICAN MOUNTAIN SUPPLY SBR and AR Pistol Case is an easy recommendation for those who own an AR or SBR pistol.

It may not accommodate full-sized rifles with scope, but it’s not the point. In the end, the product does what it claims to do.

You do not have to spend a lot of money, either.

#5 VooDoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case

VooDoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case

Are you looking for an AR15 soft case that can handle enough pressure and still look awesome? If so, I would say that you check out the VooDoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case. Even though it is a mid-range product in terms of pricing, you cannot go wrong with its overall quality.

What’s to Love?

The quality design was the first thing I noticed in the VooDoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case package. You have four options in terms of finish and three size variants. The best part? You can get all the size variants for the same price (almost the same price.)

As far as storage is concerned, I wouldn’t be worried for a bit. If you have weapons of 42 inches or shorter, it will be easy to keep and carry them. In addition to AR15 rifles, you can accommodate Mini 14, M-16, and HK-93 as well. Even if you have equipped the setup with lengthy scopes, things would be good.

The makers have done a great job of organizing the space inside as well. In addition to the main compartment of the soft case, you will have access to many accessory zippered pockets. You also get dedicated space for keeping your pistols with ease.

The construction quality of the soft case is also impressive by most standards. The ballistic cloth does justice to your expectations in terms of ruggedness. It is nice of the manufacturer to include Velcro straps and shoulder straps.

Thanks to sufficient padding on all sides, carrying the case around will not be a pain in the neck. In our testing sessions, we were able to last a long period. However, if you plan to fill the entire storage space with optics and magazines, the story might be different.

What Could be Better?

We could not find any problems inherent to the VooDoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case. However, you must keep in mind that it is a relatively slimmer AR15 case. So, while you can store two rifles with ease, you may have trouble accommodating too many accessories.

We also noticed that some reviews question the craftsmanship behind the storage case. Apparently, a lot of people expect the use of premium materials when they pay more than the $100 bar. We also have a similar opinion, but I think the features make up for that void.

The Verdict

If you need an AR15 soft case that does not let you down, the VooDoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case is an excellent option, indeed.

Compared to the other cases we have covered above, this one is relatively slimmer. Nevertheless, I did not have any trouble accommodating two rifles.

If you simply want to carry one rifle and a few pistols with accessories, it is the best choice, indeed.

#6 UTG Homeland Security Covert Gun Case

UTG Homeland Security Covert Gun Case

I had instances when I had to carry a rifle as covertly as possible. It could be an unfriendly neighborhood or of potential danger. And I wish I had something like the UTG Homeland Security Covert Gun Case. It is a perfect choice for those who need the best compact AR15 soft case.

What’s to Love?

The compactness of the design makes the UTG Homeland Security Covert Gun Case look so sleek and modern for the most part. Depending on the size of the bag, you do not have to spend a lot, either. Because it weighs only 2.2lbs, you have fewer things to worry about while packing.

I think we should appreciate the precision and craftsmanship behind this product. Despite having a compact design, the manufacturer has offered space for multiple pistols, magazines, and almost all accessories. In the end, the product stays slim as well.

So far as the space is concerned, you won’t have trouble accommodating two rifles in there. Once packed, it looks compact enough to be handled with ease. The movable Velcro straps come in handy when you want to make the best use of storage space.

Considering what you have to pay, the UTG Homeland Security Covert Gun Case comes with enough padding options. D-rings and sling straps are also included so that you can carry the case however you like. It works best in the backpack mode.

Some reviews also mention that the product is motorcycle-friendly, an added advantage for bikers. However, we could not test this part, and I am sure things will be different when you have to carry a scoped rifle with full attachments.

What Could be Better?

While I did appreciate the precision design and craftsmanship, durability may not be the strongest forte of the UTG Homeland Security Covert Gun Case. Therefore, despite its limited lifetime warranty, the product needs some extra care during rugged use.

Similar is the case with the included shoulder straps. On the one hand, they get the job done. However, if you plan to carry the rifle for a long period, your shoulder may take a toll. Some people also complained about the lack of smart branding as well.

The Verdict

While a few things could be definitely better, the UTG Homeland Security Covert Gun Case does the job it is supposed to: helping you carry AR15 rifles covertly.

If you treat it with some extra care and keep it away from moisture and dust, you can expect the product to last long.

Lest we forget, it has an affordable price tag.

 #7 Savior Equipment the Patriot Single Rifle Case

Savior Equipment the Patriot Single Rifle Case

We would like to conclude this list with another awesome product from Savior Equipment. It is dedicated to those who want to carry just one AR15 rifle with all the bells and ribbons. Considering how much you have to pay for it, the product meets all the expectations.

What’s to Love?

First things first, the Savior Equipment Patriot Single Rifle Case does not have the usual design. It comes with a sliding finish that can accommodate your single rifle with scopes. You will also notice the additional pockets outside.

Here is what got me surprised. Despite the small size, I did not have trouble accommodating a well-geared-up rifle with additional magazines. I have also seen many reviews where people have added scopes, bi-pods, and slings within the package.

Being a quality product from the brand, the soft AR15 case has not compromised comfort or quality. Enough padding is available on either side so that you can enjoy the best level of comfort. The construction using 600D PVC Shell is also great in terms of protection.

I also love that the Savior Equipment Patriot Single Rifle Case is an all-in-one bag. Depending on what you need the most — magazines, accessories, or scopes —you can convert the bag into a haven. It is a superb option for those who hunt with a single rifle.

The ample use of Velcro straps is also a welcome move for most people. In the end, you can choose between 3 sizes and four finishes. Regardless of what you pick from the bunch, you can count on the lifetime warranty from Savior Equipment.

What Could be Better?

Even though the advertised construction material is great on paper, some users have complaints regarding its quality. These durability concerns should not matter to you unless you go all rogue with the case and the rifles.

While the outside compartments look smart enough, there could be some legal issues in some states since you may be exposing the magazines to the outside. It would have been nice if the design was a little covert in this case.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a simple AR15 soft case for a single rifle carriage, the Savior Equipment Patriot Single Rifle Case makes a lot of sense.

Thanks to the spacious design and organization options, you do not have to worry about anything. You get ample storage space for accessories as well.

It is also great that you do not have to spend a lot here.

AR15 Soft Cases Buying Guide

I have answered some of the common questions I hear about AR15 cases.

Are Soft Cases for AR15 Rifles Worth It?

Yes, they definitely are.

As we said in the beginning, an AR15 soft case helps you in two major ways:

One, it can keep your rifles and accessories far from theft, dust, rust, and corrosion.

Two, when it’s time to move, you can simply convert the case into a backpack or wear it across your body.

These reasons are enough to get a soft case for your AR15 rifle, but there is more.

A soft AR15 case is a must when you are traveling with a rifle. It does not matter whether you are going to a nearby hunting place or going for a recreational event. You do not want the trouble of exposing your rifles to the public, especially in the wrong neighborhood.

In the end, you will not regret getting an AR15 rifle.

How to Choose the Best AR15 Soft Case?

If you are reading this, you have done everything right so far. You have already seen the best AR15 soft cases out there in the market.

Now, you can consider your personal preferences and pick one.

Well, if you are curious, here are the factors you should consider:

  • Size and dimensions of your rifle/pistol
  • The number of firearms that you want to carry
  • The number of cases you would like to carry
  • The amount of comfort you need while handling
  • The number of organization options (slots) you need
  • With these criteria, you should be able to find the best AR15 cases for your specific needs. And, unless you want to fly with your rifles, soft cases are always better than hard cases.

Frequently Ask Questions for Best AR15 Soft Cases

The AR15 is a versatile and highly customizable semi-automatic rifle that’s popular among gun enthusiasts worldwide. When it comes to transporting and storing your AR15, choosing the right case is crucial.

Soft cases, in particular, offer a range of benefits including lightweight design, easier portability, and generally lower cost compared to hard cases. Made from materials like canvas, polyester, or nylon, these soft cases often include additional pockets for extra storage and padding for increased protection.

However, with the myriad of options available in the market, you might have a few questions before making a purchase. To help you with this, we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to AR15 soft cases.

Q1: What are the benefits of using a soft case for my AR15?

Soft cases for AR15s are typically lightweight, easy to carry, and provide adequate protection against scratches and minor impacts. They also have multiple pockets for storage and transportation of additional accessories.

Q2: Are soft cases as protective as hard cases?

While hard cases provide superior protection against hard impacts and extreme weather conditions, soft cases offer sufficient protection for everyday use and transportation. If you expect harsh conditions, a hard case might be more suitable.

Q3: What materials should I look for in a high-quality AR15 soft case?

Look for soft cases made from durable materials such as nylon or canvas. They should also have padding to protect your AR15 and should be water-resistant for protection against moisture.

Q4: What size soft case do I need for my AR15?

The size of the case you need depends on the overall length of your AR15. Ensure that you measure your rifle correctly before purchasing a case. A good soft case should fit your rifle snugly without it being too tight.

Q5: How much should I expect to spend on a good soft case for my AR15?

The price of a good AR15 soft case can vary greatly depending on the brand, material, and features. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $30 and $150.


What do you think of our coverage of the best AR15 soft case products out there? If you didn’t fully read it, here is a quick overview that can help you out.

  • If you need the best of the best AR15 soft case, you should choose the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Case, which packs everything you need.
  • On the other hand, if you need something super-compact, I can recommend the Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Carry Case.
  • Last but not least, if you need a case for a single rifle carriage, you don’t have to look farther than the Savior Equipment Patriot Single Rifle Case.

Hope it helps.

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